It's quite simple: work with Mands, and watch your business grow. 

Starting up my online store was a daunting but necessary step to take in growing my business. I knew that I would need someone who had the skill and knowledge, but also someone who I could trust completely with this project. I would come to Mands with a list of things that I needed done, and she would meet me with another list of things that I had no idea I needed, and instead of adding more weight to my to-do list, she simply just took care of things. It turned this daunting task of learning the online world of SEO, Analytics, etc into something that was interesting to learn about, easy to manage and keep updated with new systems. As things progressed, I loved getting emails from her telling me where she had seen an opportunity to make something run more smoothly, and just did it, knowing it needed to be done and that she didn't really need permission to go ahead with it.  She literally took the weight and workload off my shoulders without my even asking. THAT was one of the things about working with her that stood out the most for me- working with her made this project easier and more exponentially progressional than I thought it could be. I walked into the project not knowing too much beyond basic website setup, and she taught me very easily how to keep things going once my work with her was complete. Since hiring Mands, I have seen my online traffic and sales grow continuously. No matter if you are just starting a business or wanting to update your online presence- Mands is the gal you want to help get you there with ease, knowledge, and laughter. Its quite simple: work with Mands, and watch your business grow. 

~ Britt Buntain, Picot Collective

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