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Help for modern makers to break into + thrive in the online world

What makes me different is that I’m an educator first. My ultimate goal is to have you be able to confidently run + make changes to your website.


When I first started working at Shopify as a Guru I was in the same boat. I didn't understand the platform, the proper ways to (and order) to set up a shop in and it was just downright frustrating. 

It wasn't until 2 years later when I was working for a Shopify Theme developer that I started to really understand the quick processes for setting up stores and all of the elements that go into creating a beautiful store with killer SEO. 

And the best part? I'll teach you how to upload products, give you templates to change and add new images, walk you through the next steps.


You might be my next client if ...



+ what's included

  • on-boarding 

    • Meeting to get clear on what you're looking for, styles, have a look at what you have and pin down who your ideal customer is
    • Account Set-up | Picking a theme
    • Intro to Trello (so you're able to visually see the progress on your site)
  • production 

    • Adding Products + product images optimizing for SEO + web 
    • Adding Collections + Collection Images
    • Adding Pages (About, Contact, Refunds + Returns, Blog) 
    • Setting up Main Navigation + Footer Links
    • Customizing theme with minor CSS tweak
    • Creating images in Canva (you will receive the templates to be able to easily maintain the look on your own)
    • Adding in Google Analytics and site map sent to Google
    • Domain set up
    • Shipping rates added
    • Drop-shipping set up to email Drop-shipper
    • Customizing Notifications that are sent to
    • Any help related to Payment Gateway set up
  • site hand-off 

    • Free Access to my "Building a Perfect Product Course" to be able to add products on your own or train staff to add products [Course Launch in September]
    • Walk through of your site + how to maintain it
    • Next steps...




$3,400 + 




+ How long will it take to make my site

This depends on the client. If the page copy and product descriptions are all completed turn around can be as little as 2 weeks.

If you're stuggling with your copy, it can take a little longer. Some clients struggle with this more than other so if this sounds familiar let me know and we can tackle that first

+ Will I be able to email you if I have any questions?

Heck yes! We're pretty much BFF's now, email me always :)

+ I'm not "Jay Z rich", do I have to pay everything up front?

No. Once we get the ball rolling on your site there will be a $1000 non-refundaable deposit due. Once your site is complete the rest of the payment will be due before it goes live to your peeps.

+ Do you do discounts?

Unforutnately, not. If you're not ready to invest this much in your business, I have a ton of free resources to get you started over on the blog. Also sign up for my email list for upcoming workshops and courses that are coming this fall.

+ Why do you build for Shopify but have your site on Squarepace?

Well, I'm an explorer by nature and love to dig into other platforms. Not all platforms are right for all businesses, for now, I'm on Squarespace, but I do have a Shopify site for an event that's coming to Victoria, BC in April 2018! Stay tuned.